3D Applications

Augmented Reality

With Augmented Reality (AR) technology, we enable you to share 3D objects, videos, images and all types of digital information and data in a real physical environment. With our Augmented Reality solutions that add the data in question directly to actual objects, we provide impressive and convenient outputs for your design, assembly, service instructions, maintenance steps, remote support and sales and marketing presentations.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is the next generation technology that makes it possible to experience literally anything anywhere, anytime. With this technology, we create virtual reality environments, combining high-quality visualizations with sound, light, motion and gamification to provide an immersive experience.

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality is a system that makes the virtual environment look realistic by blending the user's physical environment into it. Moreover, these two environments can be interacted at the same time by means of mixed reality. In this sense, we provide the closest experience to reality by transferring elements from the inside and outside of a virtual environment in a two-dimensional way using mixed reality. 

3D Animation

We animate 3D content. Our talented animators replicate the complex movements of objects and avatars with high visual quality and detail. We provide a high level of realism and detail in our animations and custom made interactive applications.

3D Modeling

Our organization offers 3D modeling services with cutting edge technology in model creation and optimization for mobile, augmented and virtual reality solutions. We use our advanced skills in creating 3D models and 3D assets for games and interactive applications.

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