Software Development

Web Design

We develop modern website designs that reflect the corporate identity of your brand, product or organization, and that are compatible with all platforms and mobile devices. We ensure that the design of your website is suited to current technology trends and user behaviors.


We provide you with a modern, convenient and easy-to-manage e-commerce website. We develop every function that should be available in an e-commerce website such as product management, different payment infrastructures, XML integrations, integrations for marketing platforms (Trendyol, Hepsiburada, n11, etc.), and deliver them to you with the easy-to-use control panel we have developed.

Web Automation & CRM Solutions

We prepare cloud-based automation systems that will increase your organization's efficiency, reduce your costs, and minimize your manual process management, and provide the most appropriate improvements in line with your needs. Automation and CRM infrastructures are analyzed according to your needs and current problems, and the process prepared in this direction is presented to you and the work is planned.

Mobile Apps

We turn all the features your project requires into mobile applications with convenient and modern interfaces that are compatible with all devices. We carry out all the necessary analyzes and implement the results with a strong and understandable interface, a top-tier user experience and strong cloud server support.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

In line with the needs of your organization, we develop learning management systems that include many features such as online live lessons, watching live lesson records, support with video lessons, homework/resource exchange, follow-up of these processes, infrastructure for messaging, profile management, payment infrastructure. We work with an experienced team for creating MOOC and SCORM packages under the supervision of our lecturers who are expert in the related areas. 

Cloud Technologies

Thanks to our Linux-based cloud servers meeting all the needs of your organization, we develop technologies that allow you to easily manage all your needs 24/7. Our organization provides infrastructures developed by using the services of the prestigious companies offering special cloud-based solutions such as Amazon (AWS), Digital Ocean Spaces, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and offers consultancy in this regard.

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