Multidisciplinary* Digital Agency

* Multidisciplinary approach allows us to focus on the areas of interest with a different point of view and to create solutions, making use of different disciplines. We focus on the results while developing a project. It is ensured that each expert creates values in the related area of expertise, drawing advantage of a common work culture and clear distribution of work in order to offer creative solutions.

In Webudi, which is established taking this vision into consideration and based on 15 years of experience in the areas of software and informatics, our team carries out the most accurate analyzes for your organization, brand or product and ensures that you benefit from the conveniences the digital world provide in the best way.

Thanks to the automation software developed by our team, we offer you fast, modern and practical digital solutions. We provide services for your organization and brand, making the most of accurate planning and improvements in the areas such as Web Software, Web Design, Mobile Application, E-commerce, Corporate Identity, Social Media Management, 3D Works, which may be needed in the digital world.

Our organization pays strict attention to the approach ensuring that the services we provide conform with current conditions, high technology and platforms in which they are used, and keeps up with the software and design trends, analyzes the changing and improving user behaviors and develops our projects accordingly.


We appreciate your feedback...

The organizations we have created solutions for knows us best. We are grateful for establishing relations with every organization we collaborate. We build, design and improve products and services for the organizations around the world.

Husnu Sundu
Sundu Bike

There have been countless of projects we work with and they have completed all the projects in a timely and appropriate manner. I am so grateful for all the successful projects they have developed!

Burak Kocak
Wimbledon Academy

We've been collaborating with Webudi for over a year now and they're great. They deliver projects almost flawlessly, which is great for us because we don't have to worry about our processes.

Recep Ozer
Recep Ozer Academy

It is a pleasure for us to state that they have helped us improve our academy. It gives me piece of mind that I deliver the whole process of digital marketing and social media management without any issue.

Fulya Ekmen
Turkish Down Syndrome Association

We carried out our entire digital transformation process in collaboration with Webudi. They adopt a perfect approach to carry out their projects. They identify the needs correctly and create quick solutions accordingly.

Fatih Cabuk
CADEM Psychology

Webudi has completed the work with utmost care. Thanks to the regular support and fast solutions, we easily manage our entire process.

Our Team

Our expertise behind great projects

Gultekin Yaman

Gultekin Yaman / Founder

Burak Uslu

Burak Uslu / Project Manager

Eren Yayla

Eren Yayla / Project Development Specialist

Yilmaz Daskafa

Yilmaz Daskafa / Software Developer

Halil Ibrahim Bedir

Halil Ibrahim Bedir / Software Developer

Bahadir Yildirim

Bahadir Yildirim / Frontend Developer

Oguz Kavas

Oguz Kavas / Application Developer

Emriye Ucler

Emriye Ucler / Graphic Designer

Batuhan Seren

Batuhan Seren / Jr. 3D Developer

Nurullah Demir

Nurullah Demir / Jr. Application Developer